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Our mission is to make spaces better in all kinds of premises, no matter where you spend your time.

High quality Novelio Nature glass fibre wall coverings are the ideal solution, no matter what your requirements.
The patterns are timeless and the natural decorative designs have a calming effect. Plus, the material used – glass fibre – is perfect for high traffic areas.

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Make the best first impression with your customers. Turn your shop, studio or salesroom into a place where they always feel good – all that and more can be easily achieved by selecting a suitable Novelio Nature wallcovering.

  • perfect color fast
    Benefir=Perfect color, Size=Medium

    Perfect colour fast

    The colours do not fade and the wallcoverings' look doesn’t change over time.

    The Novelio Nature collection features a wide range of wallcovering patterns and colours, which do not fade or change over time. Impress your customers with the luxurious style these wallcoverings provide, and keep your shop or salesroom looking fresh for a long time.
  • ADFORS Wallcovering Novelio Nature impact resistant benefit

    Impact resistant

    Novelio Nature wallcoverings are strong enough to withstand scrapes, they are not damaged by chair backs, and they are durable to withstand  knocks from children's toys.  This makes them ideal for high traffic spaces like hotel corridors, or ...

    Due to its high impact resistance, the Novelio Nature wallcoverings can withstand the daily wear and tear of your shopping space. The strong structure of the wallcoverings prevents against cracks and scuffs, even if you are hanging heavy and large picture frames and mirrors.
  • Breathe friendly


    Class A+ refers to lowest emissions of volatile substances and risk of inhalation of toxic fumes.

    We know you want your customers to feel good during their visit to your shop or beauty salon. It’s therefore important that your premises is a healthy environment with good air quality. Novelio Nature is VOC free and made from 90% natural materials - achieving a Class A+ environmental rating.

Glass fibre is perfect for hight trafic areas