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Our mission is to make spaces better in all kinds of premises, no matter where you spend your time.

High quality Novelio Nature glass fibre wall coverings are the ideal solution, no matter what your requirements.
The patterns are timeless and the natural decorative designs have a calming effect. Plus, the material used – glass fibre – is perfect for high traffic areas.

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ADFORS Wallcovering Novelio Nature CONCRETE BERLIN


Welcome your guests with warm and peaceful reception rooms, corridors and hotel rooms. The Novelio Nature wall coverings create a calm atmosphere for your customers to rest, which is why they will come back time and time again. As owners and managers, you can take advantage of the positive properties of glass fibre. This material used means wallcoverings are impact-resistant, washable, and compliant with fire regulations. Plus, they are easy to apply and strip from the wall.

  • Ready to use

    Ready to use

    Novelio Nature wallcoverings are a finished, ready to use product with no painting required.

    Applying Novelio Nature is quick and simple. It’s breathable qualities help it dry faster than vinyl, making refurbishment projects or first fit applications cost effective and time efficient. Hotel walls can be transformed in a day, as Novelio Nature needs minimal preparation and can be applied directly onto the wall. Thanks to the speed and ease of installation, fitting Novelio Nature causes minimal disruption to day-to-day activity in busy hotel and leisure environments.
  • ADFORS Wallcovering Novelio Nature impact resistant benefit

    Impact resistant

    Novelio Nature wallcoverings are strong enough to withstand scrapes, they are not damaged by chair backs, and they are durable to withstand  knocks from children's toys.  This makes them ideal for high traffic spaces like hotel corridors, or ...

    Shoes, boots, bags, luggage, trolleys, tables, chairs, doors, children, teenagers, grown-ups, seniors, vacuum cleaners...the items that can cause damage to walls in hospitality buildings is endless. Novelio Nature’s innovative use of glass-fibre creates a highly functional product with outstanding durability. Impact resistant, the high-performance wallcovering is ideal for areas of frequent traffic, withstanding bumps, scuffs and abrasions. Novelio Nature breathes life into walls, maintaining an attractive finish over a longer period of time, helping to reduce refurbishment costs.
  • ADFORS Wallcovering Novelio Nature Concrete Casablanca interior


    Our wallcoverings are washable and don't absorb water, so they are also ideal for use in wet areas.

    Hotels, bars and restaurants are often susceptible to small scratches, leaks and spills. That's why Novelio Nature’s washable finish is a big plus point for these kinds of environments. In popular hospitality venues this wallcovering can be easily cleaned and maintained, keeping the walls looking as good as new. Withstanding the daily wear and tear of hotel life, Novelio Nature is not affected by water or sunlight, providing an elegant wall finish over a longer period of time.
  • Breathe friendly


    Class A+ refers to lowest emissions of volatile substances and risk of inhalation of toxic fumes.

    Made of non-toxic materials, its natural and subtle design combinations are reflected in its environmental properties. 90% of Novelio Nature materials are made from natural resources, creating a ‘breathe friendly’ wallcovering that’s ideal for hospitality venues. All finishes within the Novelio Nature range received an A+-rating for emissions output and can help to create a VOC free environment, which has been linked to a reduction in respiratory conditions, such as asthma. These environmental properties can help hotels, restaurants and bars to manage the quality of their indoor climate, not only creating a comfortable environment for guests and staff but also preventing the build up of mould and damp, maintaining the aesthetics and health of the building.

Glass fibre is perfect for hight trafic areas