Novelio® glass fiber wall coverings by Saint-Gobain ADFORS.

Wall coverings made by nature. Let your space be touched by our high quality stylish glass fibre wallcovering.

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Living room
SAINT-GOBAIN_ADFORS_Novelio_Nature_Pure_Almond_mock-upSAINT-GOBAIN_ADFORS_Novelio_Nature_Pure_Almond_pattern detail

Our Pure pattern is symmetrical with geometric lines, which are warm and natural rather than sharp and cold. This pattern is ideal for spaces such as offices, or hotel corridors. Find your pureness by choosing one of these 8 colours.

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Novelio Nature Opposites

2 new designs in 14 neutral tones allow you to feel the contrast between the wallcoverings and balance them to suit your needs. These wallcoverings not only represent your interior, but your personality too, whether it is bubbling hot or coolly ...

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